Brown Bear Hunting Trips


This hunt will be a 1x1 hunt in unit 16 for Alaskan brown bear.
You will arrive in Anchorage the day prior to being flown to our base camp approximately 1.5 hours west of Anchorage. There will be no additional cost to the hunter for air charter once they have reached Anchorage. Once in base camp, you will wait for ideal conditions to be flown to your spike camp where camp and your guide will be waiting. This is an early spring hunt and is conducted in high alpine with snow shoes and most often on bears just out of the den. The hunter does need to be in pretty good condition for this hunt as it will be somewhat strenuous. After the completion of your hunt, you will be picked up by plane and returned back to base camp. From there the hunter will be flown back to Anchorage. The cost of the above mentioned will be included in the cost of the hunt. 

CONDITIONS OF BASE CAMP AND SPIKE CAMP: The base camp consists of two log cabins (12x14 & 12x16) set atop a 2000 foot ridge with a private airstrip as well as a spectacular view on Mt. McKinley and the beautiful Alaska Range. One cabin will be setup for sleeping while the other will be for cooking and telling hunting stories! Both have wood stoves and porches. There is also a very nice outhouse for pondering your thoughts! 

The spike camps will have Four-Season's mountain tents (3-4 person) for the tight spots and 8x8 Bombshelter tents where the terrain allows. These camps will be in the mountains and set up on snow-pack.

CARE OF TROPHY: Your bear will skinned in the field, head and feet removed, and if time allows fleshed by a professional Alaskan guide. Once back in Anchorage, the trophy will be taken to a quality taxidermist for proper fleshing, salting and sealing. This will be at no charge to the hunter.


FOOD: Most of the food provided on the hunt will be Freeze Dried (Mountain House) due to weight restrictions of the aircraft and type of hunt. Other foods such as summer sausage, lunch meat, bacon, cheeses, bagels, breakfast foods, snack foods, various candy, and special request from hunters. Any allergies to food should be specified to the guide/outfitter. 

Costs Not Included in the Hunt:
Non-Resident License: $ 85.00
Non-Resident Tag: $500.00 
Airfare to/from Anchorage.
Gratuities (10-15% of hunt cost average).
Hotel in Anchorage before and after hunt.
Any cost incurred while not in the field.
*We are a vendor for all your license and tags*

HUNT SUCCESS: This is a low volume high success rate  brown bear hunt. I only take two hunters per season allowing for close to 100% success in harvesting a trophy. I do not sell animals nor do I guarantee one. I do guarantee a quality hunt with professional staff to provide the hunter with the best possible means of harvesting their trophy of a lifetime. We hunt in Unit 16 and mostly on state lands. The area is quite large allowing us to move camps if the need arises. While bears can vary in size from 7 to 10 foot, the average bears I have harvested in this area hold constant at around 8'2" to 9'5" feet when squared. 

DATES & AVAILABILITY: The dates for our spring hunts will vary depending on the snow conditions. To insure high success rates, the outfitter will keep a close eye on the temperature and snow conditions. When the bears start coming out of hibernation the hunter will be notified to get to Anchorage. The general window for this hunt is April 10 through May 1, so proper planning can be made. If exact dates are more desirable for the hunter then a 10 day window can be scheduled. The hunts are booked in ten day slots. For example, if your hunt is booked on the 1st - 10th then you will arrive the day before and leave the day after. Our falls hunts begin August 10th and run until October 15th*. If a bear is taken early the hunt is considered over and the hunter will be flown out of the field at the outfitters discretion. 

PRICING: These hunts are 1x1 ten day hunts and are all-inclusive once you leave Anchorage until you return. The cost for these hunts is $14,500 US Dollars. 
Add-on Adventures: Black bear hunting is $1,500.00 per day per hunter. Fishing charters vary from $150-425.00 per day per person. 

Outfitter will provide: Cots, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, all camping equipment required for the hunt, not to include any and all personal gear and clothing of the hunter. All food, and water, shelter, cooking equipment, aircraft to and from the field and all fuel required.

The hunter will provide: All personal gear and clothing. A weapon of choice (30 caliber or larger preferred) and all bullets, arrows, ect… their own license and tags for the species to be hunted. Any camera gear and film. Any alcohol will be the responsibility of the client. 

A list of hunting gear and clothing will be provided upon receipt of signed contract and deposit. 

Other services offered while in Alaska
We offer services for all things outdoors throughout Alaska. Our services are primarily focused on big game hunting and fishing, but our goal is to provide a World Class outdoor experience you and your family will remember for a lifetime. 

We also offer fishing, outdoor adventuring, flying, rafting, biking, hiking, photography, and many other outdoor consultation services. These trips range from the North slopes of the Alaska Range to southern end of the Alaska Peninsula. Our main bases of operation are Anchorage (Central Alaska) and Port Heiden Alaska (on the Alaska Peninsula) and serves as a destination point for several of our central and southern Alaska trips.

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