Sheep Hunting Trips


Twelve day Bighorn sheep hunt in SE British Columbia. Horseback hunt as far as you can go and backpack from there in search of your trophy Bighorn ram. This is a full curl restricted area for our Bighorns, meaning you will be hunting mature rams.

Additional animals can be added to make your BC bighorn sheep hunt one to remember. You can add; whitetail, mule deer, black bear, elk or wolf to this hunt for the cost of tag, tax and trophy fee.

THE HUNT: Your fully guided British Columbia Bighorn Sheep hunt is a fourteen (14) day trip with twelve (12) full days of some of the best bighorn sheep hunting found in British Columbia. You arrive in Radium Hot Springs, B.C the day before your hunt to meet with our outfitter. From there you travel into camp where you will be treated to some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see. The next morning your twelve day hunt starts. You will hunt for the entire twelve days or until you are tagged out. This is a horseback and backpack adventure. We travel the rivers and logging road network that is found in the area to the trail head and we go up from there as far as we can with horses. From there we go in on foot. On the fourteenth day you will leave area and head home.

AREA: Our area in British Columbia consists of approximately 900 square miles. Located 20 km east of Radium Hot Springs, B.C., our territory sits directly between Banff and Kootenay National Parks with Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park being our northern boundary. Elevation is 2000” to 9000”+  depending on what you are hunting, but with sheep hunting the majority is done over 5000”000 ft. Vast drainages come together to help form the Mitchell River drainage and that’s where we hunt. This area is big and vast, but it creates one heck of a wildlife travel corridor.

GUIDES: Our Outfitter has over 30 yrs of British Columbia big game hunting experience. This is a family operation with the outfitters wife being the camp coordinator and cook. We have only 3-4 guides in camp during the entire season.  

WHAT TO EXPECT: The hunter should expect a quality, back country adventure. We cannot guarantee a trophy ram, but rest assured that our staff will work hard to make your British Columbia Bighorn Sheep hunt one of a lifetime.  Expect to hunt far away from the crowds and filled hunting camps with this outfitter. The maximum number of sheep hunters this outfitter takes each year is two!


Rams ranging between 170” – 190”+ are found in the area.  Remember this is a FULL CURL area.

PRICES: In British Columbia, it is law that all non-residents that hunt must hire a professional guide. We offer only 1x1 guided sheep hunts. The price includes; hunt, license, tag, tax, guide, meals, lodging, hunt transportation and trophy care. Not included is travel to and from Radium Hot Springs, B.C., gratuities, taxidermy or shipping of trophies. Additional animals may be harvested at additional cost or trophy fee.

Price is per person.

  • 1x1 Bighorn Sheep Hunt- $ 17,500

For more information about our British Columbia Bighorn Sheep hunts contact us at  877-202-1964


Looking for a Stone Sheep to help you accomplish your Grand Slam? If so this outfitter is your man! Long establish outfitter in northern British Columbia, our guy consistently takes trophy Stone Sheep every year.
This area is located in the heart of the Stone Sheep range near Fort Nelson, British. Conservative hunting of the area has produced trophy rams for generations. Most of the rams found in our area are the sought-after dark color phase.

Our 15 day sheep hunts start the first of August at which time only sheep and wolf are available. As the season progresses, mixed bag options are added after August 15 for elk, moose and goat.

The sheep hunts are done from spike camp locations, utilizing tents for accommodation and horses as transportation. Using horses allows us to access the remotest mountain drainages, where often the best rams are found.

Although horses are used extensively, we expect all sheep hunters to be in good physical conditions. To hunt either sheep or goat, you will need to be able to ride, walk, and climb, and most importantly be able to shoot accurately after climbing and making a stalk.

The priority on sheep hunts is the ram, but other species including goat, moose, elk, caribou, wolf, grizzly and black bear are also available depending on camp and season.

  • Price  $23,000 plus a Trophy fee of $10,000

Additional charges: HST (tax),air charter, license, tags, Gov’t royalty, NRHPF and crating/ shipping of trophies home.

For more information on our BC Stone Sheep, please contact Jack Keister at 540-705-4431


10 day hunt on over 900,000 acres in Sonora or Baja Mexico. Our outfitter has a 100% success rate on big desert sheep. Comfortable tent camps with great meals and your beverage of choice. Finish your gland slam with this fully guided hunt.

  • 10 Day Hunt- $50,000 1x1


Have you ever dreamt about hunting the last known wilderness of North America in Alaska? Here’s your chance to live that lifelong dream of hunting in the land of the Northern Lights. Our outfitter runs a one on one experience for you and your group. Know that you’ll be the only hunters in camp during your visit. Hunt the majestic Alaskan Dall Sheep or make it the fall combination hunt that you’ve always wanted. 

These Alaska Dall sheep hunts will take place in either unit 14C (Drawing Only), 16, or 19. The hunts are ten day hunts and are all-inclusive once you depart Anchorage for the field. Hunts can be 1x1 or 2x1 upon request. The cost will be $12,500.00 each for 2x1 and $13,500.00 for 1x1 hunts. The hunter can also hunt black bear at no additional cost (one bear maximum). Brown bear may also be added to this hunt for a trophy fee of $8,000.00, depending on the area hunted. 

Hunt Description: You will arrive in Anchorage the day prior to your sheep hunt. There will be no additional cost to the hunter for air charter once they have reached Anchorage. Some camps may go in by horseback or may be flown in by small aircraft. This will depend on the area to be hunted. Once in base camp, you may be taken to a spike camp for more optimal hunting conditions.
You will do lots of glassing and hiking. In some cases fishing may be available as well. After the completion of your hunt, you will be picked up by plane or horseback and returned back to base camp and/or Anchorage. The cost of the above mentioned will be included in the cost of the hunt. 
Conditions of Base Camp and Spike Camp: The Dall sheep hunting camps will consist of small remote cabins, wall tents and bomb shelters/arctic ovens, as well as mountaineering tents. This will depend entirely on the area to be hunted and the need for spike camps. The hunter will need to bring their own sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Sleeping bag and pad can be provided upon the client's request.

Care of Trophy: Your trophy Dall sheep will be skinned in the field, head and feet removed, and if time allows fleshed by a professional Alaskan guide. Once back in Anchorage, the trophy will be taken to a quality taxidermist for proper fleshing, salting and sealing. This will be at no charge to the hunter.

FOOD: Most of the food provided on the hunt will be Freeze Dried (Mountain House) due to weight restrictions of the aircraft and type of hunt. Where weight is available, steak, fish, chicken and other perishable food will be provided. Other foods such as summer sausage, lunch meat, bacon, cheeses, bagels, breakfast foods, snack foods, various candy, and special request from hunters. Any allergies to food should be specified to the guide/outfitter. A special menu may be provided upon request by the hunter. 

Costs Not Included in the Hunt: 
Non-Resident License: $ 85.00
Non-Resident sheep tag: $425.00
Non-Resident brown bear Tag: $500.00 
Non-Resident black bear Tag: $225.00
Non-Resident moose Tag: $400.00
Non-Resident Fishing License: $15--30
Airfare to/from Anchorage.
Gratuities (10-12% of hunt cost average).
Hotel in Anchorage before and after hunt.
Any cost incurred while not in the field.
Processing, packaging, and shipping of any meat or fish.
Please Note: We are a vendor of Alaskan licenses and tags.

HUNT SUCCESS: This is a low volume high success rate hunt. I take very few hunters per season allowing for a high success in harvesting a trophy. I do not sell animals nor do I guarantee one. I do guarantee a quality hunt with professional staff to provide the hunter with the best possible means of harvesting their trophy of a lifetime. My staff are not only guides, but hunters themselves. We hunt in Unit 6, 7, 9, 14, 16, 19, and 20 for Dall sheep. Some of these units are hunted through partner outfitters. We hunt mostly on State and Native owned lands. Other areas may be hunted with prior arrangements. The area is quite large allowing us to move camps if the need arises. Dall sheep are becoming rare resource. Because of this, we try and only harvest older, mature, trophy quality animals. While the guide has the ultimate authority of determining a legal animal, the client is always left the decision whether he/she feels the animal is the trophy they came to harvest. 

Dates and Availability: August 10 - September 20.*

We suggest you arrive at the main camp a day or two prior to your scheduled hunt. Alaska law prohibits shooting an animal the same day you have flown in an aircraft. Because of this, you will be placed in your hunting camp the day prior to the start of the hunt. The Alaska hunting regulations and the rules of "fair chase" are strictly enforced. WE WILL NEVER HUNT THE SAME DAY YOU FLY. 

*Please Note: these dates are only guidelines and will vary depending on the year and regulation changes.

PRICING: These Alaska Dall sheep hunts are either 1x1 or 2x1 ten day hunts and are all-inclusive once you leave Anchorage until you return. The cost for these hunts is $12,500.00 for 2x1 and $13,5000.00 for 1x1. All hunts are in US Dollars. 

Outfitter will provide: All camping equipment required for the sheep hunt, not to include any and all personal gear and clothing of the hunter. All food, and water, shelter, cooking equipment, aircraft to and from the field and all fuel required will be provided. Anything required to conduct the contracted hunt will be provided minus personal gear and weapons of the hunter.

The hunter will provide: All personal gear and clothing. A weapon of choice (30 caliber or larger preferred) and all bullets, arrows, etc. As well as their own license and tags for the species to be hunted. The hunter must also bring any camera gear/film. Any alcohol will be the responsibility of the client. Don’t forget gratuities for the staff.

A list of hunting gear and clothing will be provided upon receipt of signed contract and deposit. 

Other services offered while in Alaska: We offer services for all things outdoors throughout Alaska. Our services are primarily focused on big game hunting and fishing, but our goal is to provide a World Class outdoor experience you and your family will remember for a lifetime. 

We also offer fishing, outdoor adventuring, flying, rafting, biking, hiking, photography, and many other outdoor consultation services. These trips range from the North slopes of the Alaska Range to southern end of the Alaska Peninsula. Our main bases of operation are Anchorage (Central Alaska) and Port Heiden Alaska (on the Alaska Peninsula) and serves as a destination point for several of our central and southern Alaska trips.

For more information of our Alaskan Dall Sheep hunts or any Alaskan Adventures contact us today at 877-202-1964